July 21, 2024 /


Chesed Committee Mission Statement

BRJC’s Chesed Committee provides support for congregants and members of the greater community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, through the good deeds they perform. The word chesed, meaning “loving kindness,” is at the heart of the Committee’s work, and it is the driving principle behind all initiatives taken.

Chesed offers encouragement and compassion to congregants and their families as they undergo various life-cycle milestones. In moments of happiness (such as births, marriages and b’ nai mitzvot), the Committee relishes the opportunity to rejoice alongside its BRJC family. Likewise, in moments of trial (such as illnesses, hardships, deaths and periods of mourning), the Committee is honored to reassure congregants that they face such challenges with the entire BRJC Family at their side.

In addition to volunteering at BRJC holiday events throughout the year, the Committee brings its goodwill to New York City at large. Examples of Chesed’s charitable work include: the annual “Giving Warmth” drive for Safe Horizons, helping victims of domestic violence; the Passover Food Drive for City Harvest, helping New Yorkers who face food insecurity; participating in National Good Deeds Day; and, running a Little Free Library outside of Bay Ridge Jewish Center.

Chesed welcomes volunteers of all ages and seeks more members to assist in spreading love and support to our community and beyond.

Please reach out to office@brjc.org for more information on how you can start making a difference today!

Best Wishes,

Maya Tsirulnik

Chesed Committee Chair


City Harvest Acknowledgement Certificate_Bay Ridge Jewish Center Passover Food Drive 2023