Shabbat Programs

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Shabbat Programs

Musical Shabbat

“Celebrate God with song and joyful music.  Music with harps for Adonai.  Music with harps and the voice of song.  With trumpets and the voice of the horn”
-Psalm 98

When the Temple stood, it was customary to play beautiful instrumental music on Shabbat.  We continue that Kavannah (intention) by hosting a musical Shabbat service.

Join us every 3rd Friday of the month at 6:30pm for Musical Shabbat!  With guitar, violin, and accordion – Get ready to sing and clap to the beat of the music and prayers of our heart.  All ages are encouraged.

Family Shabbat Friday Night Services & Dinner

Our Friday night Family Shabbat Service and Catered Themed Shabbat Dinner is one of our most popular monthly events at BRJC.  Created to welcome children and adults of all ages – this is a service filled with joy and laughter.  This is a wonderful time to get to know the BRJC community as we share a meal together and people of all ages have the opportunity to socialize.  Be prepared to sing, hear a story, and even dance a little to welcome in Shabbat followed by delicious food.

Eat, Learn, Pray

Join us on the 4th Saturday of every month for our most popular Shabbat experience.  From 9-10 am we sit as a community, partake in breakfast, and participate in engaging discussions led by our rabbi.  Whether we are learning about liturgy (prayers) or a nuance of an upcoming holiday  – it will add meaning and elevate your Shabbat.  Following discussion and breakfast, is an abbreviated Shabbat morning service.

Pride Shabbat

Congregation’s First “Annual Pride Shabbat”

In keeping with BRJC’s commitment to inclusion, we inaugurated our “Annual Pride Shabbat” the weekend of June 24, 2016.  As many know, June is Gay Pride month.

The new tradition of the Bay Ridge Jewish Center began on Shabbat evening with our doors wide open to welcome Jewish gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender neighbors into our Temple.  It was a calm evening with a simple service – and to our happy surprise, two women, new to our synagogue, arrived with their little girl.  Sensing they had found a safe, welcoming Jewish community, they asked Rabbi Rosenberg if they could have a Naming Ceremony for their daughter here and, of course, were given approval.

On Saturday morning, the Rabbi’s “Eat, Learn, Pray” program was held in the Sanctuary with Richard Landman, a longtime activist for the rights of the LGBT community, as guest speaker.  From his college years Richard risked ostracism and arrest by agitating for the decriminalization of homosexuality.  Years later, with the laws changed, he became a lawyer and continued his efforts by running the LGBT Law Clinic pro bono for several years.  As a Jewish American whose German parents survived the Holocaust, he knew bigotry had to be stopped in its tracks.

Our Congregation reacted with lively conversations inspired by our inaugural Pride Shabbat, some pockets of silence and a few blank stares.  Maybe eating, learning and praying together is the right combination to develop new traditions alongside of old traditions.  – Martha Santer

 *For a schedule of when these events take place, click here.