Jews By Choice / Conversion

Many spiritual seekers find that Judaism offers an attractive spiritual path. BRJC welcomes all seekers who wish to explore what Judaism offers. Conversion to Judaism represents a challenging, powerful, and transformative undertaking and we are honored to offer our assistance during the journey.  We understand that conversion represents a choice that must be made by an individual of his or her own free will.

Conversion to Judaism typically consists of the following:

Participation in the Introduction to Judaism Course: This is a one-year commitment and provides a detailed look at Judaism and Jewish living.

Learning to read Hebrew: Reading Hebrew enables learners to feel more comfortable in any synagogue or Jewish life-cycle event.

Connecting with our Rabbi is here to help prepare conversion candidates.  This is accomplished through additional study, connecting the candidate to other members of the community, and by individual meetings with the rabbi where, among other topics, God, connection to the State of Israel, and being part of the Jewish community will be discussed.

Participating in the Life of the Community: We encourage individuals studying for conversion to participate in congregational life, including Shabbat and holiday worship, classes and volunteer opportunities at BRJC, and in the larger Jewish community.

We are honored to be able to assist you on your journey. For information please contact, Rabbi Robert Judd, (347)905-4252, or