Adult Education Classes

Center for Jewish Learning

We are excited to announce the creation of our new Center for Jewish Learning.

  • Keep an eye out as we welcome amazing scholars and authors to BRJC in the coming year!
  • Learn with Rabbi Rosenberg throughout the year as she prepares us for holidays, teaches us how to bake challah and ice cream and so much more!
  • Our Rabbi will be teaching two different yearlong courses that will meet on alternating Monday evenings at 7:30pm. Don’t miss out!
    • Significant Jewish Women in the Torah and Talmud
      • Have you spent most of your life only learning about important men in Jewish history? Join BRJC as Rabbi Rosenberg teaches us about strong, sometimes devious, intelligent, and also lesser known women in our sacred texts.
    • Adult B’nei Mitzvah Course
      • Have you ever wanted to have your Bar/Bat Mitzvah but you thought you were too old or never had the chance when you were 13? Join Rabbi Rosenberg as she teaches us how to read and write in Hebrew (Rabbi promises you aren’t too old to learn!), how to read from the Torah, and significant prayers during Shabbat services.

Current class info

Adult Education is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Judaism and your participation within a Jewish community. These classes and series provide an opportunity to strengthen one’s Jewish identity and to help you feel more connected and more comfortable with Jewish living in general and participating in a worship service in particular. All classes are free of charge unless otherwise noted. In the past year our offerings have included: Introduction to Judaism*, Hebrew Reading for Beginners, Spiritually Preparing for our own Exodus, Spirituality Workshops etc.